Core Features

Connected and secure

The XGLU is Bluetooth enabled so you can have all your measurements in your smartphone securely.

Real-time data access and alerts

Your caregivers can have real-time access to all your data. In case of emergency (hypo or hyperglycemia), we send alerts along with the GPS location

Small form factor

The XGLU's credit card form factor makes it the thinnest meter in the world which makes it an easy fit for your smartphone case or your wallet.

Cloud connected

Your data is backed up in cloud and your caregivers can access all the data in real-time.

The device

The XGLU is the thinnest glucose meter in the world. It has the size of a credit card and can simply slip into your wallet or smartphone case. It communicates with your smartphone by the secure Bluetooth Low Energy technology. The glucose meter uses single use test strips to measure the blood glucose levels and it conforms to ISO 15197:2013 requirements for accuracy of blood glucose meters.

Cutting edge hardware

The patented XGLU technology enables to create a glucose meter which is easier to use and carry around.

Seamless data transfer

The data is transferred automatically from the glucose meter to the phone by using Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Protects your privacy

The XGLU is so small it fits into your wallet or smartphone case, so do the strips and lancing device. You no longer need to carry regular diabetes carry cases.


From the device to the cloud, all communication is encrypted. Our cloud offers security comparable to bank systems.

The smartphone app

The smartphone app is developed in coordination with diabetics and diabetologists. We want to streamline the process of self-monitoring by providing automatic upload to cloud together with bolus calculator and reminders. Our mission is to reduce the number of user inputs to make the process quick and effective. For caregivers, we offer real-time data access with notifications in case of emergency (hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia or missed measurement).

Works on virtually all smartphones

The XGLU works on any Bluetooth enabled smartphone.

Easy management of your measurements

With our app, your measurements will be stored safely in your smartphone or in the medical cloud.

The app helps you

Our trend graphs, developed by diabetologists, show your glycemia in a timeline which helps you to better understand your results influenced by your daily routine. Bolus calculator can be used to determine the right dose of insulin. Your caregivers can see your measurements’ results immediately. If there is a dangerous condition, they will receive an alert containing information enabling them to help you right away.

Project timeline

  • October 2015 - The idea

    The idea of NFC powered medical devices was born

  • November 2015 - Preliminary patent issued

    The XGLU technology is patent pending

  • May 2016 - Company was established


  • September 2016 - Angel investment received


  • February 2017 - Werner von Siemens award


  • August 2017 - Microsoft Imagine Cup

    Software solution for diabetic kids based on credit-card glucose meter design won the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017


    Jiří Štráberger

    Manager with long-term experience in company strategy and business plan development

    Marek Novák

    Research & Development Director
    Medical hardware and software developer specialized in infant care devices, currently active in medical research

    Ludovít Emanuel

    Partner & Alliance Business Director
    Experienced system integrator and business development manager

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